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It is the largest city that sits on the state of Nevada and famously known for its competitive prices in hotels and casinos. With this came the title “entertainment capital of the world.” Las Vegas is also known for the endless tourists it hosts every night. Not to mention it was nicknamed ‘sin city’ for its lively nightlife and heavy drinkers. This increased levels of police presence in some areas of the city.

Having its safety rating at 69%, clearly, the police are at their best to keep the city safe. However, as an individual, you should acknowledge that there might be some potential dangers. For instance, casinos are known to be a host for pickpockets and drug crimes. As you have fun, it would be wise not to leave your drink unattended for even a second. Remain vigilant and have your possessions close by your body.

  • Be vigilant while in a casino as a 69% safety rating is low
  • Never leave your drink unattended

Don’t Do This in Las Vegas

While in a foreign place, we all look forward to having fun and making the best of memories. Unfortunately, in Las Vegas, if not careful, your experiences might come with a tagged price. The ATMs in casinos have quite pricey fees; therefore carry cash before walking into a casino. Additionally, you should never gamble for free as it is a way to keep gamblers losing. Because it is ‘sin city,’ remaining cautious is vital.

Precautions to Keep in Mind

Whether you go to Las Vegas alone or have your friends, you’ll need to stay safe. You should always do this for both your long and short stays. Why are most casinos dangerous? It is because of the money thriving tourists that come to Las Vegas. Thieves may be very friendly but don’t let that fool you. Also, avoid being alone and idle publicly. Freely approach the police when something goes wrong.

Safest Casinos

Amid all Las Vegas drama, secure and peaceful casinos exist. Others thrive in their offer for the best food and beverages, while others are great chill-spots for non-gamblers. These havens include; Caesars Palace, Bellagio, The Golden Nugget, Red Rock and the famous Circus Circus. You will receive royal treatment, and if asked, they could be the best places to create your memories, peacefully. Above all, visitors are protected and safe in their stay.

Common Mistakes People Make While Gambling in Las Vegas

Despite being good at gambling, choosing the wrong game can mess you up. Do not mistake yourself for James Bond. Pick a game you are familiar with despite the influence of women and friends. Picking the wrong game guarantees you will lose your money instantly. Another common mistake people make while gambling in Vegas is chasing losses. To avoid this mistake, one should have an amount they are willing to lose.


Gaming can be fun and also addictive. Las Vegas should not be your ideal gaming destination if you cannot handle your gaming responsibly. There are safe casinos where security is a high priority and this should not limit your choice of where your memories are created. Having a waist money-bag is advisable to avoid being pickpocketed. Lastly, make sure you have the best of adventure, but with caution; not everyone who smiles at you is a friend.

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